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Yahiya Emerick's 10 Book Super Fiction Pack for Older Children and Young Adults (with Reshma Baig, Samina Najar and Qasim Najar) Ages 8 to 12+

Yahiya Emerick's 10 Book Super Fiction Pack for Older Children and Young Adults (with Reshma Baig, Samina Najar and Qasim Najar) Ages 8 to 12+

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ISBN: multiple
Author: Yahiya Emerick, Reshma Baig, Samina Najar, Qasim Najar
Publisher: International Books and Tapes Supply
Pages: 933 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

A great starter pack to start your child or youngster off on reading clean, wholesome Islamic fiction! This series of 9 books are aimed at Muslim youth ages 8 to 12 and above. Written by the team of Yahiya Emerick, Reshma Baig, and Samina and Qasim Najar, they speak from an American Muslim perspective on growing up, lessons learned, exciting adventures, moral stories, and more. List priced individually at over $63, we are pleased to provide it at a special price for the benefit of a large number of our Muslim kids.

Each individual title is described below:

Ahmad Deen and Curse of Aztec Warrior -- Where is he? Ahmad Deen and his sister Layla thought they were getting a nice vacation in tropical Mexico. But what they're really going to get is a hair-raising race against time to save their father from becoming the next victim of an ancient, bloody ritual! How can Ahmad save his father and deal with his bratty sister at the same time? To make matters worse, no one seems to want to help them find the mysterious lost city that may hold the key to their father's whereabouts. And then there's that jungle guide with the strangely familiar jacket. Are they brave enough-or crazy enough, to take on the Curse of the Aztec Warrior?

Ahmad Deen and Jinn at Shaolin -- How do you defeat a jinn?

A once in lifetime chance! Ahmad Deen is one of ten lucky students in his school who gets an all expense paid trip to China. But instead of getting a history lesson, Ahmad may become a victim of history as he is thrust in the middle of a bizarre web of superstition, corruption and ancient hatreds that seeks to destroy all who interfere.

Why was his roommate kidnapped? Who were the Chinese Muslims that befriended him? WhatÆs behind the great Evil that plagues the monks of the Shaolin Temple? Will Ahmad learn the Kung-Fu skills heÆll need to defeat the power of darkness, or will he become the next victim of the Jinn at Shaolin? Ages 9-14.

Layla Deen and the Case of the Ramadan Rogue -- Layla and her family were just settling in to break a long days fast when the mother came running from the kitchen and cried, “Someone took the food for Iftar!” Layla knew it was a terrible crime and decided to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Why would someone want to target her homes? Was it the three mean boys who live down the street? How can she catch the bad guys while staying out of trouble with her parents? See what happens! You’ll be totally surprised

The Seafaring Beggar & Other Tales -- A collection of thought-provoking fiction stories whose themes are relevant to Muslim teens in this society. Short stories, poems and prose make this a well-rounded book to entertain and teach every reader. The living example of Islam seems to leap from the page! Many of these selections have been featured in Young Muslims Magazine, The Message Magazine and others.

Selection includes: Black Feather Finds His Lord, The Briefcase, Scared, The Ramadan Song, Salvation for certain, Aslama, Hollow, Tea, The Seekers, How I Came to Islam, Whom He Will, etc…

Burhaan Khan, Six Tales About Growing Up -- A delightful series of short stories which explore thejourney of a young boy into manhood. These stories are excellent examples of howto apply Islamic principles in daily life. We began with Burhaan learning that aperson's character is more important than what he has. Next we see Burhaan'spatience tested and then how he reacts when a popular new student tries to gainthe attention of the others. Burhaan also finds himself confronted withrelatives who don't practice Islam, he is challenged to do well on the test, andfinally, we end with a heart-warming story about a cat Burhaan and a friend findthat has a very special need. Designed for the third and fifth grade level.

The Story of Yusuf -- The Qur'anic chapter of Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) translated into modern literary English for younger readers. Enrichment questions included in the text!

The Memory of Hands (Reshma Baig) -- An excellent collection of short stories centering on the lives of Muslims in urban America as well as on the immigrant Muslim experience. A poetic journey through the Muslim community that holds the prospect for growth and renewal in all of us.

The Memory of Hands is a collection of stories which is at once turbulent and real, sometimes frightening and evocative, but yet so lucid that “you can catch it and hold it for a moment or two in the palm of your hand.” These ten stories by Indian-American author Reshma Baig straddle the worlds of memories, dreams and realities. Told with insight and sensitivity, they intimately explore the oftentimes complicated lives of the Indian immigrant in New York City.

Muslim Youth Speak : Voices of Today's Young Muslims -- The delightful story of a young boy named Ibrahim who wants to find Allah. Follow him on his adventures as he searches for the true meaning of Iman. This wonderful story is set in full color. Illustrated by Patricia Meehan.

The Army of Lions -- Get ready for swashbuckling and deeds of valor at its finest! The Army of Lions is coming! An unlikely band of Muslim adventurers find themselves thrust in the middle of the ambitions of an evil conqueror and the aspirations of a Muslim Sultan. Given a mission to rescue the Sultan's son, our heroes find danger, excitement and the real source of their inner-strength. A full length fiction novel set in the golden age of Islam. For grades 6-12.

Finders Keepers and Other Stories -- An excellent anthology of moral stories whose themes are relevant to Muslim youth in this society. Through these Eleven short stories, young readers will learn a variety of Islamic lessons in dealing with charity, honesty, kindness to animals, showing off and greed. Grades 3-5..


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