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Muslim Youth Speak : Voices of Today's Young Muslims

Muslim Youth Speak : Voices of Today's Young Muslims

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Author: Yahiya Emerick
Publisher: IBTS (Int'l Books & Tapes Supply)
Pages: 150 Binding:

Description from the publisher:

Muslim Youth Speak provides the opportunity for students to read what other children their own age feel about subject matters which include: "Living Islam Today," "Reaching Out With Islam" and "Being True to Allah." What do today's youth feel about Islam? There's no longer a need to question. Just pick up a copy of Muslim Youth Speak and find out.

About the author --

Yahiya Emerick is the director and primary force behind the Islamic Foundation of North America. He accepted Islam in 1988 while attending Michigan State University. He has since been involved with many Islamic activities which include writing for magazines, serving as a member of various Islamic organizations, writing books and teaching in Islamic schools as well as delivering Friday sermons and other speaking engagements. He is married and lives in New York.


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