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Age of Bliss Series (Ages 9 to 12+)

Age of Bliss Series (Ages 9 to 12+)We are pleased to offer this series of short-chapter format books, targeted towards youth ages 9 to 12 and above, on the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his family, and his companions. Each book, written in clear, coherent text, features 30 or more short chapters (of 2 to 5 pages length each) concisely describing attributes or events in that individual's life that shines a light on him or her and educates the reader.

  • Easy-to-digest short chapters
  • Well-written, smooth-flowing English
  • Concise and succinct for young readers to embrace each individual's excellent moral qualities
  • Appreciate significant events in the lives of these top Companions
  • Lowest price guaranteed on the Internet

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