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Khalid Ibn Al-Walid (The Age of Bliss Series) Omer Yilmaz : Ages 9 to 12+

Khalid Ibn Al-Walid (The Age of Bliss Series) Omer Yilmaz : Ages 9 to 12+

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ISBN: 9781597843799
Author: by Omer Yilmaz (Author)
Publisher: Tughra Books (March 7; 2016)
Pages: 72 Binding: Paperback 4.8" x 7.7"

Description from the publisher:

Khalid ibn al-Walid was born to be a leader of men. Growing up as one of three brothers in a military family; he always played commander to his brothers' soldiers. After honing his skills as a soldier; his natural leadership qualities and courage on the battlefield made him a natural choice as commander of the cavalry. This book charts his career as an illustrious and successful warrior; Khalid ibn al Walid; first against the Muslim army; and later as leader of the Muslim army. This change of heart was something even the mighty warrior couldn't resist. For; however great Khalid's struggles on the battlefield; his greatest struggle took place within his own heart. Influenced first by his brother Walid's conversion to Islam; and secondly by his personal encounter wit the noble Prophet; peace and blessings be upon him; Khalid could not resist the call of Islam; and became a Muslim. The story goes on to tell how; thanks to his victories in battle; Islam spread rapidly through Arabia and Syria. Khalid won a fearsome reputation as 'the Sword of Allah' and; under the blessed Prophet's guidance; fought his greatest battles to win wars; but also to win people's hearts and bring the beautiful religion of Islam to all humanity. Throughout his life; Khalid was the personification of the advice he gave to his soldiers: 'Patience is the highest virtue; defeat is feebleness; victory is only won with patience.'

The Age of Bliss Series are short-chapter, concise, subject-based "biographies" (of a sort) based on the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and his close companions. Each book has short, easy-to-digest 2-5 page chapters on different aspects of each of these individuals. Recommended for ages 9 to 12+.


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