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Noor of Allah (DVD) History of Islam in the Caucuses Region

Noor of Allah (DVD) History of Islam in the Caucuses Region

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Islamic Video Productions (2009)
Product specifications: Total Running Time 55 minutes
Item type: Documentary DVD

Product description:

This Documentary "NOOR OF ALLAH" narrated by the Hollywood Professional PETER MASON brings the story of Islam in Uzbekistan and Russia. "Allah is the NOOR [Spiritual Light] of the Heavens and the Earth" [Quran]. The Noor of Allah descended into the hearts and minds of the people of Central Asia and Russian lands. For more than a thousand years they have developed a remarkable Muslim civilization and kept the spirit of Islam alive, despite the severe attacks by the enemies.

Bukhara became the capitol city of Islamic learning in Central Asia for several centuries. Who can forget Imam Bukhari who compiled the most authentic sayings of Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him]. World famous scientists, mathematicians, philosophers and religious scholars were born in this region. The Muslim Civilization of Volga Bolgar in Russia was the pride of Mankind for several centuries; produced remarkable technologies in agriculture, tools, arts, literature, economics, buildings and so on.

They held the banner of Islamic Civilization firmly. However the Mongol Invasion by Genghis Khan during the 13th Century devastated and almost destroyed these civilizations. The Mongols thought that they extinguished the Muslims forever.But the NOOR OF ALLAH descended into the heart and mind of BERKE KHAN who was the grandson of Genghis Khan. He converted to Islam and established the most powerful Muslim society in Russia. He defeated and killed his cousin Hulagu Khan who had destroyed the great civilization of Baghdad. He saved the Muslim lands from further destruction by the Mongols! Later on the Muslims of this region endured numerous oppressions, cruelties, and human rights violations for centuries from their new conquerors and rulers. But Islam never left them.

The NOOR OF ALLAH saved them and gave them strength, and hope. Now it is 2008AD. Both in Russia and Uzbekistan, the Noor of Allah is once again shining. New mosques and Universities are being built. The Master Quran is in Tashkent. The most beautiful mosque of Europe is in Kazan. Let us pray this region will produce people who will glorify Islam. Amen.


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