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Muslim Spain (documentary DVD) Zahir Ahmed

Muslim Spain (documentary DVD) Zahir Ahmed

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Publisher: IVP Islamic Video Productions, Islamic Research and Publications (2004)
Voice: Zahir Ahmed (writer, director, producer)
Media: DVD (Region 1)
Total running time: 108 mins.

Product description:

This video documentary presents the Muslim history of Spain. Muslim Spain held the banner of civilization when Europe had fallen into darkness. For more than three centuries, Cordoba was the most advanced city in Europe. William Durant, an American historian, wrote that Islamic Spain was an honor to mankind. Muslims ruled Spain for 750 years starting from 711 CE. Granada was the last Muslim kingdom which was conquered by Queen Isabella in 1492 CE. The Alhambra palace in Granada, the Giralda Tower in Seville, and the La Mesquita (Cathedral) in Cordoba, and Falmingo music are reminders of the enchanting Muslim civilization in Spain.

The knowledge of science, medicine, arts, construction, astronomy, literature, and agriculture were transmitted from Muslim Spain to Europe. However, this great civilization became a victim of the Spanish Inquisition.


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