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Islam : Africa to America (DVD)

Islam : Africa to America (DVD)

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Publisher: Islamic Video Productions, IVP (2004)
Voice: Zahir Ahmed (writer, director, producer)
Media: DVD (Region 1)
Total running time: 69 mins. (plus additional DVD only footage)

Product description:

This is the glorious story of American Muslim slaves who kept the spirit of Islam alive in their hearts for centuries during the slavery period. It is estimated that up to 30% of the slaves brought from Africa to American continents were Muslims. Many of them were scholars of the Holy Qur'an!

A star appeared at the horizon of the United States, President Abraham Lincoln recovered the dignity of man, which was lost through slavery for centuries.

This film, superbly narrated by Steve Boergadine, also presents the facts about the 800 year old Islamic civilization of West Africa at the time of slave catching.

Islam firmly and practically demonstrated the equality of man through history regardless of race or color. The freed Muslim slaves in America began to look for their heritage which resulted in many Afro-American movements.

This documentary video is dedicated to all those people who sacrificed, and to those who continue to struggle, for the cause of equality and dignity of man.

Includes interviews with various historians including Sulayman Nyang, Ali Muhammed, and others.

Note: This film includes select short, musical compositions and interludes.


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