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Ramadhaan Lessons from The Noble Quran And Authentic Sunnah Workbook 2 (Moosaa Richardson)

Ramadhaan Lessons from The Noble Quran And Authentic Sunnah Workbook 2 (Moosaa Richardson)

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Author: Moosaa Richardson
Publisher: Bakkah Publications (2019)
Pages: 128 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:
NOTE: NOT for independent self-study, this large-sized workbook is to be used as a study tool for those listening to the live broadcasts or the recordings of Ustaadh Moosaa Richardson's lessons in Ramadhaan 1440 (2019). Get your copy and brace yourself for another Ramadhaan of serious study, in shaa' Allah. Details for how you can access the live broadcasts and freely available high-quality MP3 recordings are found in the workbook's introduction.

LESSON 1: From the Traits of the Hypocrites
LESSON 2: The Man with Two Faces
LESSON 3: The Changing of the Qiblah Direction
LESSON 4: Prayer to the Wrong Direction by Mistake
LESSON 5: A Treasure from Beneath the Throne
LESSON 6: Making Distinctions Between Prophets
LESSON 7: Hastening to Allah's Forgiveness
LESSON 8: Being Patient With People's Harms
LESSON 9: The Importance of Hijrah (Emigration)
LESSON 10: Is There Any Repentance for Mass Murderers?
LESSON 11: Islamic Punishments for Terrorists
LESSON 12: The Story of the Criminals from 'Uraynah
LESSON 13: Only Allah Has All Knowledge of the Unseen
LESSON 14: He Came to Teach the People Their Religion
LESSON 15: Ten Commandments in the Quran
LESSON 16: Following Allah's Straight Path
LESSON 17: True Believers Described in Detail
LESSON 18: The Seven Shaded Under Allah's Throne
LESSON 19: How Religious Allies Must Interact
LESSON 20: Focusing on Yourself Primarily, Not Exclusively
LESSON 21: Allah Alone Controls All Benefit and Harm
LESSON 22: Obedience to Allah & True Reliance Upon Him
LESSON 23: A Reminder for All Those Who Remember
LESSON 24: Piety, Repentance, and Good Manners
LESSON 25: The Great Merits of Upright Speech
LESSON 26: The Seeds From Which the Trees of Paradise Grow
LESSON 27: The Futility of False Objects of Worship
LESSON 28: Closing Off the Pathways to Polytheism
LESSON 29: Islam Emphasizes Individual Accountability
LESSON 30: Supplicating for Ten Important Things

NEW Feature: This year's lessons include a daily fatwa on topics relative to Ramadhaan from the Fatwa Collection of the great scholar, Shaykh 'Abdul-'Azee ibn Baaz (may Allah have Mercy on him).


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