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Ramadhaan Lessons from The Noble Quran And Authentic Sunnah - Workbook : Volume 1 (Moosaa Richardson)

Ramadhaan Lessons from The Noble Quran And Authentic Sunnah - Workbook : Volume 1 (Moosaa Richardson)

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ISBN: 9781717535283
Author: Moosaa Richardson
Publisher: Bakkah Publications
Pages: 136 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

NOTE: NOT for independent self-study. This large-sized workbook is to be used as a study tool for those listening to the recordings of Ustaadh Moosaa Richardson's lessons from Ramadhaan 1439 (2018). Get your copy and brace yourself for some quality studies. Links and details for the freely available high-quality MP3 recordings are found in the workbook's introduction.FROM THE INTRODUCTION: The 30 lessons of this book have been designed specifically as a primary study tool for the recorded Ramadhaan Lessons from 1439 (2018) at the First Muslim Mosque in Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania (USA). Each lesson consists of:1.A Quranic passage2.Some or all of the vocabulary from the passage3.An Arabic Language benefit4.Tafseer benefits5.A hadeeth related to the topic of the Quranic passage6.Benefits of the hadeeth7.An extension activity (research; memorization; or action plans)The first five lessons of the book focus on the five Verses about fasting in Soorah al-Baqarah. Then; the Quranic passages were selected to represent and balanced study of a variety of important topics in Creed; Methodology; Fiqh; and Manners; as detailed in the list of lessons below:

LESSON 1: Taqwa (Consciousness of Allah)LESSON 2: The Ease of Islam's Legislated ConcessionsLESSON 3: How the Month of Ramadhaan BeginsLESSON 4: The Closeness of AllahLESSON 5: The Nights of RamadhaanLESSON 6: A Warning Against Religious DeviationLESSON 7: Real Interfaith Dialogue in IslamLESSON 8: From the Fruits of ObedienceLESSON 9: The Ways of our Ancestors as a Proof?LESSON 10: Curing the Disease of Envy at the RootLESSON 11: The Status of the Prophet MuhammadLESSON 12: From the Many Fruits of TaqwaLESSON 13: The Islamic Calendar & the Sacred MonthsLESSON 14: Allah Sees and Knows All that We DoLESSON 15: The Correct Methodology in Da'wahLESSON 16: The Sunnah Explains the QuranLESSON 17: The Scales of Justice on the Day of JudgmentLESSON 18: The Prohibition of Passing on RumorsLESSON 19: From the Traits of the HypocritesLESSON 20: The Final Seal of ProphethoodLESSON 21: The Duty of Discharging Zakaat al-FitrLESSON 22: Laylat al-Qadr: The Night of DecreeLESSON 23: Unwarranted Suspicion & BackbitingLESSON 24: Avoiding Major Sins & Sexual MisconductLESSON 25: The Long Overdue Revival of Our HeartsLESSON 26: Religious Loyalty and AllegianceLESSON 27: Consistent Night Prayers & Quran RecitationLESSON 28: Purification of the SoulLESSON 29: A Brief Study of Soorah al-KowtharLESSON 30: A Brief Study of Soorah al-IkhlaasThose who have not yet committed themselves to serious study of the Arabic Language may not be able to follow the Arabic module of each lesson. Do not get discouraged; but instead allow these brief modules to be daily reminders about the importance of studying the language of the Quran. We have a Book of revelation from our Lord; preserved in the language it was revealed in; for over 1;400 years. It contains guidance; legislation; and information about the purpose of life and what happens after we die! It clarifies the Truth regarding the matters that the people around us differ over. So; of course; we recognize the importance of learning Arabic; and we ask Allah for success! This workbook has not been designed for independent self-study. Download or listen to the recordings of the classes and follow along using this workbook. The details and links are available in the introduction of the book.


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