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Prayers of the Pious (Omar Suleiman) Hardcover

Prayers of the Pious (Omar Suleiman) Hardcover

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ISBN: 9781847741295
Author: Omar Suleiman
Publisher: The Islamic Foundation (2019)
Pages: 136 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

Thirty short prayers taken from the Prophet Muhammad and his pious predecessors, brought together by an American Muslim making a difference, Omar Suleiman. Few people call out to Allah anymore. We have forgotten what it is to have a personal conversation with God, and how simple it is. Allah doesn't care if it rhymes, or how it sounds, or even in what language you call out to Him. What's important is how sincere it is.

Imam Ahmad was once asked, "what is the distance between us and the throne of God?" "A pious prayer from a pure heart" was his reply, that's how we connect to Allah. Through reading the personal prayers of the Companions of the Prophet, this book will remind you how to speak with Allah in the same way they did. How to call upon the Creator the same way they called upon Him. And by using the dua journal you can start a conversation with Allah, following in the footsteps of the pious predecessors.

100% of royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Yaqeen Institute (non-profit) to support their research and activities for the global Muslim community.

"In this concise work; Sh. Omar Suleiman has collected many precious gems from the du`as of the righteous. The reader cannot help but get swept away in the spiritual earnestness that these beseechers felt. Animated by these timeless invocations; I pray that all of us can not only use these classical prayers ourselves; but be inspired to produce our own, from the depths of our hearts, so that our du`as, too; can be heard by the Almighty." - Yasir Qadhi

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First Edition
ISBN: 9781847741295
Author: Imam Omar Suleiman
Binding: Hardcover
Extent: 136 pp
Publisher: The Islamic Foundation (2019)


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