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Debates & Speeches of Ahmed Deedat

Video - Debates & Speeches of Ahmed Deedat All videos from are in NTSC (North American viewing format) VHS format. Videos are not compatible in other countries unless viewer has a multi-system VHS VCR which supports the NTSC broadcasting system (standard in USA, Canada). Up until the mid-90s, Ahmed Deedat's videos made up the bulk of VHS material in the English language. And they were quite entertaining too! Ahmed Deedat's mastery of the subtleties and dogmas of the Christian religion and his on-screen charisma endeared him to millions around the Muslim world. Yet there were those who cringed at Deedat's militant no-holds barred approach to Christian-Muslim dialogue. Certainly, most Ahmed Deedat material is too sarcastic for Christian viewing. Nonetheless, there are many masterpieces too, his debate with Jimmy Swaggart (#33, #34), where he is at his most generous and polished best, is simply a gem of an item for dawah purposes. After several years of disability due to a stroke, Ahmed Deedat passed away in 2005 at home in South Africa, may Allah reward him for his effort in the Akhirah.

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