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Play 'n' Learn Arabic Numbers Hopscotch Foam Play Mat

Play 'n' Learn Arabic Numbers Hopscotch Foam Play Mat



This old favorite is educational, long-lasting, andabove all highly enjoyable. It develops coordinationand number recognition in a bright and colorfulformat. It comes with two pouches that mark whereyou are in the game. Pack the mat up in its sturdyvinyl zipper bag with hand grip and bring it tothe Mosque, Grandma's house, the park, school,and parties. The mat is easy to store, lightweightand portable. They may not be able to go outdoorsand play hopscotch, but this indoor mat makeshopscotch a year-round game. Kids may notknow that children in almost every part of the worldplay variations of this ancient game.

Note picture shown is English numbers. Mat is Arabic numbers only. 10 pieces.


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