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Feminism Versus Women's Liberation Movements (Abdelwahab M. Almessiri)

Feminism Versus Women's Liberation Movements (Abdelwahab M. Almessiri)

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ISBN: 188266941X
Author: AbdelWahab M. Almessiri
Publisher: United Association for Studies and Research (2004)
Pages: 42 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

In this paper Dr. Elmessiri succeeds in his explanation of true women’s liberation. He explains that this movement is actually a search and struggle for social and economic justice for both the male and female as natural creatures that have a real place as part of the larger system of nature and also the spiritual world. As we journey with the author through the pages of his observations in respect to the two movements, his comparative analysis opens our eyes to the real threat that Feminism, a movement that was spawned by Zionism, and that duplicates its structure and method in many respects, represents to the future of human kind. We also understand that unless we address the important and essential challenges posed by legitimate women’s rights and needs in modern societies, feminists will resolve these issues for us in a very destructive way.

The current movement for same-sex marriage has been identified as another step towards the deconstruction of gender differentiation in our society, and also the dissolution of the traditional family as we know it. Contrary to what some might think, the normalization of homosexuality through same-sex marriage is a fait accompli for feminists who have suggested that social and economic equality can only be achieved organically through the absolute annihilation of sexual symbols, normal sexual activity, and any significant distinctions in words or deeds that implies that there are in fact only two sexes, which is theoretically an absolute form of gender equality.

The author is to be commended for his call up on the reader to study and to understand the importance of the challenge confronting us in this respect. He provides us with a good body of information upon which to mount our opposition to this theory, and also further to advance the concept of human rights for women in international public policies throughout the Muslim and Arab worlds.

-excerpt from Foreword by Caroline F. Keeble


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