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Learning Islam 3 (Middle School Islamic Studies Textbook Series) Level Three 8th Grade

Learning Islam 3 (Middle School Islamic Studies Textbook Series) Level Three 8th Grade

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ISBN: 1933301112
Author: Suad Abu Amarah, Ummukulthum Al-Maawiy, Lena Dirbashi, Nabil Sadoun Ed.D., and Omar Tarazi
Publisher: Islamic Services Foundation (2007)
Pages: 321 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

The “Learning Islam 3” is planned for students in eighth grade or equivalent setting. It is best for students who studied Islamic Studies through “Learning Islam 1 & 2” in sixth and seventh grades and “I Love Islam” series in their primary years 1st to 5th. This volume contains lessons that cover lively character building themes extracted from the Qur’an, Hadeeth, faith, Seerah and other authentic sources. The Islamic themes and concepts are presented in an exciting and creative manner. The book includes six units and around forty chapters and lessons.

The units’ titles are:Allah Controls the World: The Belief in Al-QadarPortraits of Faith: The Stories of Zakariyya, Yahya, Maryam and ‘IsaBeautiful Worships: The Rules of Siyam and HajjIslam Prevails over ArabiaAs-Sunnah: The other Divine RevelationLeading a Pure Life StyleEach chapter includes the outlines, relevant Islamic vocabulary, succinct and objective material, and relevant stories. To make the material meaningful and action oriented, the themes of the book are supported by highlighted passages from the Qur’an and relevant Hadeeth of the Prophet.Additionally, the “Faith in Action” sections encourage students to put what they learn in every chapter into actions. Pictures, illustrations and brilliant layout design makes studying Islam an exciting endeavor for students of this age group. The review sections encourage students to consolidate their knowledge and to analyze and discuss concepts.


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