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Hell-Fire : Its Torments and Denizens (Ali Hasan Abdul Hameed)

Hell-Fire : Its Torments and Denizens (Ali Hasan Abdul Hameed)

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ISBN: 9960850544
Author: Ali Hasan Abdul Hameed; Saleh Dalleh (translator)
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House IIPH (2005)
Pages: 71 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

In all the divine revelations there is a constant warning of the Hell-Fire. Allah's Kindness and mercy are extended to many people whether believers or disbelievers. Reading about Hell-fire enables one to know it, fear it and try utmost to keep oneself away from it through good deeds. The more one knows about Hell-Fire, the more he/she strives to save from its reach. This book enables the reader to know the real picture of Hell-Fire's torment from the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah texts.

It is enough to know that it is a fire, but detailed knowledge of it, as displayed in this book, will strengthen one's belief and, eventually, make him/her seek salvation.

An indispensable book for the believers and non-believers alike.


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