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I Love Islam Level 5 Teacher and Parent Guide

I Love Islam Level 5 Teacher and Parent Guide

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ISBN: none
Author: Alia Abdel-Rahaman and Nabil Sadoum Ed.D
Publisher: ISF Publications (2006)
Pages: 154 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

I Love Islam is a series of Islamic studies textbooks and workbooks that gradually introduce the Muslim student to the essentials of his faith, and bring to light the historic and cultural aspects of Islam. The series covers grades one through five, and includes a student textbook and workbook as well as a teacher's edition. This ongoing project is undertaken by the islamic Services Foundation in collaboration with Brighter Horizons Academy in Dallas, Texas.

This Teacher/Parent Guide is intended to assist teachers and parents throughout the teaching process. Extensive efforts have been made to review the enclosed material; however, constructive suggestions and comments that would enrich the content of this work are welcome.

All Praise due to Allah (SWT), for providing us with the resources that have enabled us to complete the components of this series. This is an ongoing project that will continue for many years and it is our sincere wish and hope that it will impact our Muslim children today and for many years to come.


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