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The Jinn, Magic and Evil-Eye (Shaykh Abdullah at-Tayyar, Shaykh Samy al-Mubarak)

The Jinn, Magic and Evil-Eye (Shaykh Abdullah at-Tayyar, Shaykh Samy al-Mubarak)

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ISBN: 9781898649786
Author: Shaykh Abdullah at-Tayyar, Shaykh Samy al-Mubarak
Publisher: Al-Hidaayah Publishing & Distribution Ltd (2008)
Pages: 286 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

From haunted houses and levitating objects to demons invading and taking over human bodies.There are abundant movies available in the Western world which focus on this phenomena.Indeed, it is from human nature to be intrigued by the unknown and unseen. But what doesIslam say concerning this mysterious world? It is actually part of a Muslimís religion to believein the unseen, to believe in the world of the Jinn, and to believe in magic. Most of us are unawareof the reality of the Jinn who live alongside us and interact with us in more ways than we canimagine. What is the correct Islamic viewpoint on the Jinn and the affairs connected to them?

Can magic really affect us? Do Jinns have the ability to possess and harm us? Can we go tofortune-tellers? What is the evil-eye? And most importantly of all, how do we protect and cureourselves from Jinn possession, magic and the evil-eye? Find out the answers to all thesequestions as the authors provide an unprecedented, detailed account of this topic.


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