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Arabic Phrases for Dummies (Amine Bouchentouf)

Arabic Phrases for Dummies (Amine Bouchentouf)

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ISBN: 9780470225233
Author: Amine Bouchentou
Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc. (2009)
Pages: 204 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

A concise, portable guide for communicating in Arabic

Today, Arabic is spoken in more than 20 countries, and more than one billion people study Arabic for religious reasons. This practical guide offers help on basic Arabic words and phrases and eases communication with Arabic speakers. Written as a companion to Arabic For Dummies, this book provides readers with the tools to converse with others in Modern Standard Arabic on a basic level. It uses real-world phrases extensively to illustrate grammatical concepts and provide opportunities to practice newfound skills.

From the Back Cover

Your handy guide to everyday Arabic words and expressionsNeed to brush up on your Arabic conversation skills? This fun, concise phrasebook will jumpstart your comprehension, equipping you with the phrases necessary for common everyday situations from traveling to shopping to making small talk. This quick-and-easy approach will have you speaking basic Arabic in no time!

  • Get started with the basics figure out the Arabic alphabet and practice the sounds
  • From nouns to numbers understand the rules of grammar, get to know Arabic verbs, and practice counting in Arabic
  • Talk with native Arabic speakers greet people, ask questions, and talk about yourself
  • Enjoy yourself around town from dining and shopping to transportation and entertainment, know the right words and phrases to get what you need
  • Handle on-the-job tasks talk with coworkers, use the phone, send letters and e-mails, and more
  • Deal with emergencies find medical and legal help when you need it

    Open the book and find:

  • Hundreds of useful phrases at your fingertips
  • Every grammatical and linguistic point explained in plain English
  • Arabic sounds represented in English characters
  • "Words to Know" sections to help you find the right word fast
  • Favorite Arabic expressions and great Arabic proverbs

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