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The Biogaphy of Imam Muslim bin Al-Hajjaj (Salahuddin 'Ali Adbul Mawjood)

The Biogaphy of Imam Muslim bin Al-Hajjaj (Salahuddin 'Ali Adbul Mawjood)

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ISBN: 9789960988191
Author: Salahuddin 'Ali Adbul Mawjood
Publisher: Dar-Us-Salam Publications (2007)
Pages: 239 Binding: Hardback

Description from the publisher:

This is a biography of one of the Imams of Muhaddithin, he is a scholar who used to act on his knowledge, setting an example for the Ummah. He is the towering Imam, Abu Al-Husayn Muslim ibn Al-Hajjaj An-Nishapuri. We hope for it to be a reminder and source of insight concerning the high position that the scholars of this Ummah attained, a position that no scholar of any other nation ever attained. This is because these scholars sought knowledge for the sake of Allah and they strove to attain His pleasure, so Allah blessed them with levels of knowledge and understanding that he did not grant to anyone else and He granted them insights that He did not grant to anyone else.

This noble Imam is the master of the Science of Hadith. He has attained a special place in the hearts of the Muslims and he surpassed most of the other scholars of this Ummah in fame and recognition. His book reached such a level of authenticity in precision that is surpassed only by the Book of Allah Himself. His book has circulated throughout all the Muslim lands, and its Ahadith are memorized by great scholars and children as well. Whoever memorizes this book or studies it carefully is counted as a scholar. This is a great work to gather the biography of this Imam from major scholarly reference books.


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