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Iqra' Arabic Reader Level 6 Textbook (Fadel Ibrahim Abdallah)

Iqra' Arabic Reader Level 6 Textbook (Fadel Ibrahim Abdallah)

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ISBN: 1563160307
Author: Fadel Ibrahim Abdallah
Publisher: Iqra' International Education Foundation (2005)
Pages: 272 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This is Book Level of IQRA' Arabic Reader graded series, designed to systematically continue teaching Arabic, as a second language, to English speaking youth who are in their senior years of schooling. This book is suitable for upper senior level students or for those who have completed the study of Level 5 Book of IQRA' series.

Product Details:

  • Reading level: Senior/General
  • Publisher: IQRA' International Educational Foundation
  • Edition: Paperback 262 pages
  • Language: Arabic / English

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