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Granny Nam Tells The Story (Nusrat Mahmood) 3 Volume Set Ages 4 to 6+

Granny Nam Tells The Story (Nusrat Mahmood) 3 Volume Set Ages 4 to 6+

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ISBN: none
Author: Nusrat Mahmood
Publisher: Granny Nam (2007)
Pages: 120 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

The objective of this series is to nurture the relationship between the children and The Book which reveals to us the best and the most practicable instructions. According to Allah (SWT) we must call people to the Path of our Rubb with Hikmah and Moeza-til-Hasanah (wisdom and beautiful preaching) 16:125. So I selected the context from The Holy Quran which may be the most appealing for the children. The innate love of animals in the children has been proved to be art effective channel through which we can approach their hearts and minds. Having said that, a some what contemporary approach is employed in doing so; that is direct communication between the characters Akhee, Sara, and the animals.Purists may argue as to the validity of this approach. However there is a historical instance which has been used as a precedent for this approach. It is thus related that; while a shepherd was amongst his sheep, a wolf attacked them and took one sheep. When the shepherd chased the wolf, the wolf turned towards him and said, "Who will be its guard on the day of wild animals i.e the day of judgment) when nobody except I will be the shepherd."And while a man was driving a cow with a load on it, it turned towards him and spoke to him saying, "I have not been created for this purpose. "The people exclaimed ."Glorified be Allah!" The Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) commented, "But I believe in it and so do Abu Bakr and Umar (MABP)." (Narrated by Abu Hurrairah (MABP): Sahi Bukhan Vol: 5, Hadith: 3663)In an age where religious insinuation is widely believed to be sentimental at best and delusional at worsth I have employed the above mentioned approach in order to make the stories more interesting and inspiring.Every story in this series is derived from The Holy Quran and all the references are given. This means that there is plenty of authentic material for those parents who read the given references from the original text, that is, The Holy Quran. Lastly it must also be assumed that this series is only a humble endeavor and that there could be some short comings. I have done my utmost to remove discrepancies with regard to the meanings of the text and has also given the references. Another aspect should be kept in mind that translators might adopt different meanings of a word, as many words carry different meanings in Arabic language like, 'Ebel' in the story of She-camel of Allah'.


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