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God Almighty Speaks To You (Mahmoud Abdullah Taiba)

God Almighty Speaks To You (Mahmoud Abdullah Taiba)

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ISBN: 9781590080511
Author: Mahmoud Abdullah Taiba
Publisher: Amana Publications (2008)
Pages: 80 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

The book explains that the Qur'an does ask all people to enter into a united covenant with the One True God and share a set of consonant values that will keep humanity within God's favor. It also beckons every reader to understand the universal message of the Revelation to Prophet Muhammad, and inspires every soul to celebrate the fact that there is One God and One Covenant for all humanity. The book uses God's words without excessive commentary to convey His message to English-speaking readers within the context of a fresh perspective that is clear, concise, and well organized.


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