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The Revival (The Revival of the Muslim Ummah) (Shamim A. Siddiqi)

The Revival (The Revival of the Muslim Ummah) (Shamim A. Siddiqi)

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ISBN: 0962530166
Author: Shamim A. Siddiqi
Publisher: The Forum for Islamic Work (1996)
Pages: 100 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Excerpt from the book:



The Ummah which was raised by Allah (SWT) to guide the destiny of mankind is practically lost in the midst of doldrums created by its own negligence of Al-Deen Al-Islam. Every Muslim who has the mind to think and heart to feel is worried about how to take the Ummah out of its existing precipitation. The atrocities and oppression which are being let loose on the Muslim Ummah in all the three continents of Asia, Europe, and Africa are unprecedented in human history. It has rendered the Muslim’s blood as the cheapest commodity of the world.

- Is there any way out of this disgraceful quagmire?- Can we rebuild the Muslim Ummah?- Can we restore its spectacular past and the lost glory?- Can we replenish blood to its arteries that has been and is being sucked away by its enemies around the world?- Will we now ever be able to get Allah’s Deen again established anywhere on this earth?

These and many other relevant questions have become a nightmare for Muslims. We have to find answers to these fundamental questions.

But to get these issues resolved, another big question arises: how can the condition of this Ummah be revived? In the revival of the Ummah lies the solution to its problems. Let us examine the different alternatives and options which are possible as well as feasible or attainable in the present context of the world, keeping the Islam and its teachings uppermost in mind.


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