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Gateway to Arabic Poster Pack One (Set of 3 Posters)

Gateway to Arabic Poster Pack One (Set of 3 Posters)

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ISBN: 0954750985
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: Anglo-Arabic Graphics Ltd (2006)
Pages: 3 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Liven up your child’s bedroom or classroom with this set of bright, colorful A1-sized posters designed to teach a wide range of everyday Arabic vocabulary and expressions. Each word is written in both Arabic and English, together with English transliteration to aid reading, learning and pronunciation. Every item of vocabulary is accompanied by a large color illustration.

This pack contains:One A1 poster featuring fruits and vegetablesOne A1 poster featuring transport vocabularyOne A1 poster teaching words and expressions relating to the seasons, times of day, and the weather.Plus a free bonus A3 wall chart teaching the Arabic alphabet and its various phonic sounds!


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