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Women in Islam : Lecture by Amr Khaled (Amr Khaled)

Women in Islam : Lecture by Amr Khaled (Amr Khaled)

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ISBN: 9780978888701
Author: Amr Khaled
Publisher: IIPH Corporation (2007)
Pages: 85 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

You are responsible for the society: With your family, with your children, in public, at your job, with your relatives and your neighbors. Women were the hope of Islam in the days of the Prophet (SAWS). Make for yourself an aim that you are responsible for Islam. Even if your religious background and knowledge are limited, try to transmit what you know to others. Be a role model with your Islamic behavior. Let your manners and your religion make you say the best of what can be said without having to use words. When woman carry the issue of Islam in their hearts, they can, in one move, change the nation by twenty years worth of flourishing. A man, on the other hand, needs twenty years to achieve the same result.Amr Khaled


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