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Co-Existence with Other Faiths (Amr Khaled)

Co-Existence with Other Faiths (Amr Khaled)

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ISBN: 9780978888718
Author: Amr Khaled
Publisher: IIPH Corporation (2007)
Pages: 41 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Allah says what can be translated as, “And thus we made you a middle nation”. The balance between introversion and dissolving, positive integration is what I am talking about.

The mission of spreading welfare on earth is an assignment for all Muslims. Muslims living abroad: You must have a target, a mission. Teach it to your children: My target is to leave a mark on this country, portraying Islam as a religion worthy of respect. I will represent Islam through my manners, my interaction with people and by being apart of society without dissolving in it. I am proud of my religion.Amr Khaled


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