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Al Israa wal Mi'raj (Dr. Abdul Kareem Awad)

Al Israa wal Mi'raj (Dr. Abdul Kareem Awad)

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ISBN: 9780955331329
Author: Dr. Abdul Kareem Awad
Publisher: The Institute of Islamic History (2007)
Pages: 152 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

(The night journey and the Ascension of Prophet Mohammad: SAW) has been a major topic of discussion and analysis among Muslim scholar, commentators and intellectuals. In light of contemporary focus on Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), an in depth analysis of the journey can benefit both Muslims and non Muslim because of its huge significance in Islam and the way it has shaped Islamic Belief, Practice, and history. This book seeks to rectify the misconceptions surrounding it, resolve the misleading customs performed around the Muslim world, and review the various signs and incidents which were experienced by the Prophet on that day. This publication aims to give a new dimension to this topic, seeking to strengthen our relationship with our Creator and to spiritually enlighten us.“Therefore remind mankind in case the reminder profits them. The reminder will be received by those who fear Allah. But it will be avoided by the most unfortunate ones.”(Qur’an in (87:9-11)


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