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Bridge to Light : Spiritual Wayfaring Towards Islam (Kathleen St. Onge)

Bridge to Light : Spiritual Wayfaring Towards Islam (Kathleen St. Onge)

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ISBN: 9781597840743
Author: Kathleen St.Onge
Publisher: The Light, Inc. (2007)
Pages: 284 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Addressed to Muslims in western societies and to non-Muslims interested in learning about the religion, this portrait of contemporary Islam uses simple terms to show how Islam crosses boundaries of language and culture. Arguing that it has relevant answers for problems in industrial societies, the book describes the moral code of the Qur'an as humane and rational and emphasizes the historical bridges that connect Islam to Judaism and Christianity. For practicing Muslims, the book advises on how best to navigate western culture without compromising traditional values.

About the Author --
Kathleen St. Onge is a public school teacher and a convert to Islam. She speaks regularly on Islam and develops internet projects to promote faith-based living and religious tolerance. She lives in Toronto, Ontario.


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