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Charity in Islam : A Comprehensive Guide to Zakat (Omer Faruk Senturk)

Charity in Islam : A Comprehensive Guide to Zakat (Omer Faruk Senturk)

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ISBN: 9781597841238
Author: Omer Faruk Senturk
Publisher: The Light, Inc. (2006)
Pages: 172 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Charity is a most essential pillar not only for individuals and particular communities, but for the whole of humankind to live a happy life. Muslims are instructed to offer zakat from that which God has benevolently bestowed on them in order to attain innumerable spiritual, ethical, and social goals. The areas included in the consideration of zakat, in Islam, are far greater than those generally applied to charity as zakat is simply not an arbitrary charity nor a supererogatory donation handed out according to each benefactor’s wish. This book seeks to explore zakat in Islam, one of the obligatory acts of worship with a prescribed time, minimum amount, prerequisites, benefactors and recipients-all perfectly explained and regulated in the Islamic jurisprudence in order to smooth the progress of its fulfillments by its adherents.

-Charity in Islam and other faiths-Benefactors and recipients of zakat-Requirements of the property subject to zakat-Places of disbursement of zakat-Individual and social benefits of zakat


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