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Pilgrimage in Islam : A Comprehensive Guide to the Hajj (Huseyin Yagmur)

Pilgrimage in Islam : A Comprehensive Guide to the Hajj (Huseyin Yagmur)

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ISBN: 9781597841221
Author: Huseyin Yagmur
Publisher: The Light, Inc. (2007)
Pages: 211 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

The Hajj, whose origins date back to Prophet Abraham, brings together approximately three million pilgrims of all races and tongues for one of the biggest annual gatherings of humankind. Performed in the sacred precincts of Mecca, the hajj is, in fact, a holy journey towards God that surpasses all places, times, things, and events. Millions of pilgrims who set out on this blessed voyage express their complete submission to the commands of their Creator, responding to His call by proclaiming the invocatory prayer, “Here I am, O God, at Your command! Here I am at Your command!”

This book is an extensive guide describing the pilgrimage to Mecca – a transforming journey into discovering the truths about human existence and submission. This cosmic transformation is coupled with a social reformation for all pilgrims, from all walks of life – from kings to drifters, from poor to the rich, and from the palest to the darkest among us – all obeying the same rules, all bearing the same difficulties, all moving among the same conditions, and all going through a training of physical equality and spiritual brother-sisterhood.• History of the Hajj• Types of the Hajj• The wisdom and virtues of the Hajj• How to practice the Hajj and Umra• The Farewell Hajj of the Prophet• Places to visit in Mecca and Medina


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