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Dawn in Madinah : A Pilgrim's Passage (Muzaffar Iqbal)

Dawn in Madinah : A Pilgrim's Passage (Muzaffar Iqbal)

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ISBN: 9789839154924
Author: Muzaffar Iqbal
Publisher: Islamic Book Trust (2007)
Pages: 224 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Dawn in Madinah: A Pilgrim's Passage is a vivid account of a month-long retreat in the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah. The luminous details of this sojourn in Islam's second-most sacred Mosque are superimpose upon the historical events that shaped the life of the early Muslim community during its formative period. Numerous episodes from the life of the Prophet form an ever-present backdrop to this narrative which moves across time to weave together the desires, hopes, fears, and spiritual struggles of many pilgrims present during the month of Ramadan in the Mosque, fourteen hundred and eighteen years after it was built by Prophet Muhammad and his Companion soon after their arrival in Madinah. The juxtaposition of contemporary lives with those lived fourteen centuries ago creates a tapestry in which one can find common threads of a journey toward God.


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