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Ameer al Huroof (Prince of Letters) : ARABIC ONLY Ages 8+

Ameer al Huroof (Prince of Letters) : ARABIC ONLY Ages 8+

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ISBN: 1902903048
Author: Abjad. Ltd
Publisher: Abjad Publishers
Pages: 49 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

This beautifully illustrated picture book explains how to use the Abjad Letters. It describes the alphabet kingdom and their great adventure in search of "hands" for the letters without hands, and "tails" for all the letters. See how letters with “hands” hold each other to make words, and how they hold a “tail” of their own color at the end of a word. Find out why the letters without hands are so special! In key passages, letters are illustrated at exactly the same size as the plastic letters to allow children to place these letters over the illustrations – lots of fun, and great educational value!


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