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I Love Arabic : Uhibbu al-Arabiyya : Level 8 Workbook (ARABIC ONLY)

I Love Arabic : Uhibbu al-Arabiyya : Level 8 Workbook (ARABIC ONLY)

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ISBN: 9960152324
Author: Dr. Mahmood Sini, Nasif Abdul Aziz and Mukhtar Hussein
Publisher: Tarbiyat al Ghad (2004)
Pages: 81 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This is the most comprehensive curriculum for teaching non-Arabic in Islamic schools in North America. The author lived and taught in the West; a great advantage toward this recommendation. Strongly recommend for children who have had previous exposure to the Arabic language. It is used by a number of full-time Islamic schools throughout the U.S. and comes highly recommended.


  • Teaches Arabic as a primary language

  • Arabic only

  • Vowelled letters (Tashkeel)

  • Textbook focus: listening, writing, reading and speaking

  • Workbooks focus: exercises and games that support the textbook

  • Teaches more than 1,500 words throughout the four levels

  • Evaluations follow every 5 lessons

  • Common terminology

  • Illustrated dictionary plus vocabulary list

  • Reviews

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