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The Path to Wisdom : Guidance for Humanity (Saeida Rouass)

The Path to Wisdom : Guidance for Humanity (Saeida Rouass)

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ISBN: 0860375757
Author: (Saeida Rouass)
Publisher: Islamic Foundation (2006)
Pages: 176 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Path To Wisdom: A Guidance For Humanity focuses on the various aspects of human existence through the eyes of Muslim thinkers and writers of the past. It urges the reader to reflect upon their inner and outer existence and subsequently live a more aware and meaningful life, with a deeper consciousness of God, themselves and the world around them. It begins from the essence of human nature itself: ‘Reflection’ and takes the reader on a journey through a range pf human experiences, ending in ‘Death’.

It asks only that in the modern world of materialism and instant gratification, the reader chooses a more reflective and self-aware path. Through the range of Muslim thinkers used, the book seeks to establish that Islam is rich with wisdom that has often been acquired through intense study and soul-searching. Furthermore, it argues that the acquisition of such wisdom is within the reach of all of us via our own journeys through life, with a little help from our predecessors.


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