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Stories of Repentance (Muhammad Abduh Mughawiri)

Stories of Repentance (Muhammad Abduh Mughawiri)

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ISBN: 9960-892-26-3
Author: Muhammad Abduh Mughawiri
Publisher: Darussalam Publishers & Distributors (January 2005)
Pages: 127 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

Who among us does not sin? And who among us does all that is required of him in the religion?

It is an undeniable fact that we all have shortcomings; what distinguishes some of us from the others, what raises some of us above the others, is that the successful ones among us are those who repent their sins and ask Allah to forgive them.

It is truly encouraging to know that the door to repentance is always open. Glad tidings, then, to every Muslim who constantly and consistently hastens to repent to Allah and to ask for His forgiveness.

Table of ContentsIntroductionThe Mercy of AllahThe Messenger (S) Attested to His SincerityThe Close Link Between Repentance and Worldly BlessingsWoe Unto You, O DinarComing To Terms With The Reality Of LifeYou Have Guided Me To A Path That You Know Not YourselvesWhat I Want Is Life That Is Not Ended By DeathThe True TreasureThe Accepted RepentanceGood AdviceGood Deeds Actually Remove Evil DeedsThe Grave Of A Righteous ManMercy And Forgiveness For The One Who RepentsEverything That Is Going To Happen Is Near At HandLet Us Hasten To RepentIf You Really Want To Disobey AllahThe Lingering Pain Of SinningThe Integrity of Fudail bin 'Iyad (R)Death Is Better Than Allah's PunishmentThe Evil, Long-Term Effects Of Sinning...Yet There Is Hope Until The Very EndThe Noble Qur anA Tongue That Remains Moist With The RemembranceOf Allah (A)Race Towards Repentance!The Ever-Living Never SleepsThe Reality Of Our ExistenceCan Even I Repent?It Was Because Of Their Repentance That They Were SavedThe Repentance Of Ka'b bin Malik (R)Repent Throughout The DayWhen I DieThe Sinner Who Constantly RepentsWhoever Wants To RepentHe (R) Brought Me To Them So That I Can Reform My CharacterOld AgeThe Hallmarks Of A Sincere RepentanceMy Lord, Here Is My Forelock In Your HandConstantly Sinning And Constantly RepentingThe Advice Of Khidr (A)The Advice Of Al-HasanThe Covering Of SinsA Similar Text To The Last One

You Have Indeed Been ForgivenA Similar Text To The Previous OneImportant Points Concerning Repentance That We Must UnderstandRepentance Is SweetIt Is Indeed You Who Are The Rider, And I Who Am The Foot-TravelerThen How Will You Withstand The Fire Of The Hereafter!O Wretched Man!By Allah, I Will Leap Up On Them In ParadiseSafety...Safety!SilahHow Wuhaib RepentedThe Blessing Of Repentance... Or The Blessing Of RichnessA Visit To The GraveyardThe Repentance Of Nuh (Noah) (A)A Heavy BurdenThe Ranking Of A Person Who RepentsAn Effective, Though Difficult, Way Of Fighting Off TemptationA Repentance That Involved Losing His LegThe Repentance Of BarkhA Repentant Journey To The City Of The RighteousThe Thief Of The Children Of IsraelBe Pleased With MeHow To Ward Off The Evils Of Wealth


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