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History of the Muslim Ummah : Volume 1 (Mohammad Mazhar Hussaini)

History of the Muslim Ummah : Volume 1 (Mohammad Mazhar Hussaini)

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ISBN: 0911119841
Author: Mohammad Mazhar Hussaini
Publisher: Al-Meezan International (1997)
Pages: 150 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This book gives a brief history of the building of the Muslim ummah. It begins with the disorder in humanity before the advent of Prophet Muhammad (S). The enduring vision of the Prophet is identified through his biography highlighting the transformation of the society he had brought about. The period of four rightly guided Caliphs has been covered tracing the road to nation building. The book has 17 map illustrations. It is an excellent text book for the students in the classroom.

(Size: 8 X 11; pages: 150; ISBN # 0=911119-84-1; Library of Congress catalog card # 98-72109


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