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Islamic Village Stories (Six Paperback Book Set) (Lugman Nagy)

Islamic Village Stories (Six Paperback Book Set) (Lugman Nagy)

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ISBN: 8178984164
Author: Lugman Nagy
Publisher: Goodword Books (2003)
Pages: 168 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Islamic Village is a series of cativating books full of exciting stories about villages in different parts of the Islamic world. It provides a wonderful way to introduce children to the rich diversity of Islamic culture across the entire globe. At the same time it brings home the point that Islam binds all its adherents with a common cord. As a bonus, this series helps children learn about the geography, climate and peoples of the different countries. It is an execellent collection of tales which takes children on a fun-filled journey into distant and unknown lands. Happy journey, children!

Contains 6 Story Paperback Books, including :

  • My Egyptian Village.
  • My Moroccan Village.
  • My Yemeni Village.
  • My Palestinian Village.
  • My Chinese Village.
  • My Hausa Village

    Teaches western youth about how Muslim children live in traditional, native villages in different parts of the world.

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