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I Love Islam Level One (1) Textbook : Islamic Studies Textbook Series

I Love Islam Level One (1) Textbook : Islamic Studies Textbook Series

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ISBN: 1933301007
Author: Nabil Sadoun, Aimen Ansari, Majida Yousef, Susan Douglass, Freda Shamma, Isam Alimam, Suzy Fouad, Bushra Zawi, Menat Zihni, Ummukulthum al-Maawiy, Mohammed Asad; Sujata Bansal, R Sarkar (illustrations)
Publisher: Islamic Services Foundation (ISF) 2005
Pages: 243 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Level 1 Main Topics:

Covers God, the great Prophet, worshipping Allah, the Muslim world, and Muslim manners.

I Love Islam is a series of Islamic studies textbooks that gradually introduces Muslim students to the essentials of their faith and bring to light historic and cultural aspects of Islam. Each book of the series is designed to emphasize the aspects of Islam which are appropriate for the grade level. The series cover grades one through twelve and include a student textbook and workbook, as well as a teacher’s edition.

The series will cover many aspects of Islam including:

  • Iman
  • Fiqh ul-Ibadat
  • Fiqh ul-mu’amalat
  • Qur’an
  • Hadeeth
  • Seerah
  • Islamic character education
  • The Muslim world


  • English
  • Modern Methodology
  • Simple Stories
  • Creative Exercises

  • Reviews

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