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Fiqh Kay Banyadee Usool (URDU only) 16 audio CD set in Travel Case on Foundations of Islamic Jurisprudence (Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad) with Accompanying Spiralbound Textbook

Fiqh Kay Banyadee Usool (URDU only) 16 audio CD set in Travel Case on Foundations of Islamic Jurisprudence (Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad) with Accompanying Spiralbound Textbook

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ISBN: none
Author: Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad
Publisher: Faqir Publications (2005)
Pages: 90 Binding: Spiral bound w/ audio CDs

Description from the publisher:

FOUNDATIONS OF ISLAMIC JURISPRUDENCE is 16-CD set that traces the development and compilation of sacred law [fiqh] and explores the validity of following qualified scholarship. Recorded at the Darul Uloom al-Islamiya in Sacramento, California, this series of Urdu lectures reviews the foundations of Islamic knowledge and reaffirms the legacy of our pious elders in an attempt to renew the tradition of scholarship in the present day and age.


Since the time of the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), Muslims have taken knowledge from their elders, each generation learning from the previous one. The beloved messenger (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) once said, “Blessings are to be found in your elders.” This program reviewed the foundations of Islamic knowledge and discussed the methodologies our pious scholars used in arriving at positions of sacred law. Topics covered included: the compilation of Hadith, Hadith methodology, the development and compilation of sacred law [fiqh] and the validity of following qualified scholarship. Each session was accompanied by a visual presentation and notes were handed out at the end of every lecture. This was an incredible opportunity to return to our roots and learn to take our din from our pious elders.

This course was specially designed for Ulama (religious scholars) and individuals who are formally pursuing a study of traditional Islamic sciences under qualified scholars.

Complete CD Track List with Samples for Online Listening and Download

CD11. Opening Session2. The Company of the Pious3. The Importance of Listening Attentively4. Recognizing Our Heritage5. The First Source of Knowledge: The Holy Quran6. Science in the Context of Islam online sound clip7. Scientific Revelations in the Quran8. The Mi'raj & the Theory of Relatively

CD21. "And the Skies Which Return"2. The Second Source of Knowledge: Hadith3. The Third Source of Knowlegde: Practice of the Sahaba (ra) and Consensus of the Ummah4. The Lofty Rank of the Sahaba (ra) in the Quran5. How Allah Tests through Trials and Tribulation

CD31. The Perfect Iman of the Sahaba (ra)2. "And those who are with the Blessed Messenger"3. Diversity of Opinions Among the Sahaba (ra) online sound clip4. Beacons of Guidance5. Understanding Variances Among the Sahaba (ra)

CD41. Being Advocates for the Sahaba (ra) (A HREF="" target="new">online sound clip2. Accepting the Quranic Rank of the Sahaba (ra) online sound clip3. Q&A Session 14. Consensus of the Scholars

CD51. The Fourth Source of Knowledge: Qiyas & Ijtihad2. The Knowledge of the Names of Things3. The Beginning of Sacred Law4. Interpretation of Dreams5. The Reward of Steadfastness6. The Advent of Chain Armor7. The Culmination of Sacred Law

CD61. Legal Principles are Derived, not Created2. Proofs for Qiyas in the Shariah3. Q&A Session 24. Opening Session on Hadith: Questions 1-105. Quesitons 11-286. Questions 29

CD71. Scrupulousness in Recording Hadith2. Imam Abu Yusuf (ra)3. The Necessity of Fiqh4. The Importance of Fiqh5. The Basis of Fiqh6. Ijtihad by the Sahaba in the Prophet's (saw) Time

CD81. Examples (The Basis of Fiqh)2. The Sphere of Fiqh3. A Question Posed to Imam Abu Hanifa (ra)4. Quiz5. The Story of a Convert in New York6. Q&A Session 37. The Compilation of Fiqh8. Prominent Jurists of the Tabi'een (Followers)9. Legal Principles of Hanafi Fiqh

CD91. Fiqh through Consultation2. Members of the Council of Imam Abu Hanifa (ra)3. The Six Stages of the Compilation of Fiqh: 1-34. The Six Stages of the Compilation of Fiqh: 4-65. The Greatest Imam: Abu Hanifa (ra)6. The Second Generation of Scholars in Kufa

CD101. The Distinguishing Features of Hanafi Fiqh2. The Genius of Imam Abu Hanifa (ra)3. The Story of an Old Man and a Robber4. The Piety of Imam Abu Hanifa (ra)5. The Sleep of Imam Abu Hanifa (ra)6. The Imam of the Scholars of Hadith and Fiqh

CD111. The Authenticity of Hadith2. The Preservation of Hadith3. The Recording of Hadith4. Q&A Session 45. The Need of a Teacher

CD121. A Grammatical Question2. Following Qualified Scholarship (Taqlid)3. A Person who Rejected Qualified Scholars4. Following One Imam5. Q&A Session 5

CD131. Islamic Legislation2. Anecdotes and Examples3. The Narrators of Hadith4. Imam Bukhari (ra)5. Imam Abu Dhur'a al-Razi (ra)6. The Compilation of Hadith

CD141. Those who Memorized Sahih Bukhari2. Hadith in the Later Period3. An Interfaith Dialog4. Legal Maxims and Principles5. Dispensation is According to Actual Need6. Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils7. Doubt Cannot Overcome Certainty8. Dealing with Haram is Prohibited

CD151. Q&A Session 62. A "Quran Study Circle" in Germany3. Closing Session4. "Seek Knowledge from the Cradle to the Grave"5. Achieving Balance of the Heart and the Mind6. Du'a

CD161. On the Importance of Iman2. The Definition of Iman3. Three Precious Possessions: Wealth, Honor, and Iman4. "Those who Hold Fast by the Book"5. Stories of Iman6. Two Paths: Iman and Witnessing


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