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Questions and Answers About Faith : Volume 1 (M. Fethullah Gülen)

Questions and Answers About Faith : Volume 1 (M. Fethullah Gülen)

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ISBN: 0952149710
Author: M. Fethullah Gülen
Publisher: The Fountain (2000)
Pages: 238 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

  • Why did God create the universe? Did He need to?

  • What is the meaning of God's sending man to this world and as He does not need our worship, why does He want us to worship Him?
  • Is the Qur’an, as some people say, the work of Prophet Muhammad? If it is not, how can it be proved that it is not?
  • What is Prophethood? What does it mean for people?
  • Why does God not endow His servants equally? Why does He create some of them blind, disabled, or afflicted in other ways?
  • What is reincarnation? Does it conform inany way to the teaching of Islam?

    In the past, unbelief was the result of ignorance. Then, when people learned about the truth, they were enlightened and found peace of mind. But recently unbelief, rejection, and denial have been attitudes of those who consider themselves knowledgeable in all fields, who claim to accept and believe only on rational or scientific ground. Cloaked in science and rational philosophy, the activity of unbelief continues in many forms. The quality of believers’ submission is impaired, under constant threat and attack.

    In this book Fethullah Gülen, sensitive to the real questions people have – the questions given rise to by the modern age – has tried, through patient argument, to answer people’s doubts and questions.

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