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Hannah and Her Grandma (Deborah A Woodthorpe)

Hannah and Her Grandma (Deborah A Woodthorpe)

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ISBN: 0860374408
Author: Deborah A Woodthorpe
Publisher: Islamic Foundation (2005)
Pages: 27 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

This engaging story brings home the truth related to God's creative power and faith. The search for truth starts with Hannah, a young intelligent girl, and her Grandma on a journey. Hannah is struck by the marvels of God's creative power. Looking at her natural surroundings, she can see the power of God, but her Grandma can not feel the same way, however when her Grandma makes the discovery of a Roman ring the whole story changes. Hannah's deep observations convince her old Grandma of the same truth. Together they are seen appreciating and enjoying the power and beauty of Allah's creation.

Recommended age (8-11 years) - Key Stage 2.


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