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Arabic in 10 Minutes a Day with Digital Download (Kristine K. Kershul)

Arabic in 10 Minutes a Day with Digital Download (Kristine K. Kershul)

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ISBN: 9781931873321
Author: Kristine K. Kershul
Publisher: Bilingual Books Inc. (October 2004)
Pages: 132 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Arabic is a fascinating language that draws from a long history of traditions, customs, and influences from many different countries. It's becoming more and more prevalent in the press, and communications around the world. Interest in learning Arabic is at an all-time high. "Arabic in 10 Minutes a Day[registered]" provides a practical, visual approach to learning Arabic, and is the latest offering in the excellent "10 Minutes a Day[registered] Series".This proven method of success promotes spending at least "10 minutes a day" with the language, even if it's just to review. The 132-page book is a complete, specially designed, language-learning kit that includes unique components like puzzles, flash cards, and sticky labels to place on objects around your home or office. The step-by-step lessons begin with the basics, and teach you to read road signs, ask questions, get directions, and carry on conversations in Arabic. You'll learn at your own pace while following the simple and clearly organised style that combines the backbone of an academic approach with a focus on practicality.

The Method --

You'll enjoy learning a language the 10 minutes a dayŽ way. It combines a step-by-step, playful style with the backbone of an academic approach. You'll learn vocabulary in small doses. Each word and each step is a building-block that has been carefully selected to help you speak the language as quickly as possible. You'll understand how the components of the language work, allowing you to develop your vocabulary for any situation.

About the Author: Kristine K. Kershul

Kristine K. Kershul blends her experience as a teacher, world traveler and language scholar to create a playful, innovative way to learn a new language.

Her products reflect her philosophy, "Anyone can learn a foreign language. It doesn't have to be difficult and it doesn't have to take years. It can be enjoyable and it can be something that fits easily into your daily routine." The 10 minutes a dayŽ Series is designed to bring the magic of learning a new language to everyone.


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