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The Camel's Journey : Garden of Islam PB (Khalina Khalili)

The Camel's Journey : Garden of Islam PB (Khalina Khalili)

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ISBN: 8178983672
Author: Khalina Khalili
Publisher: Goodword Books (2004)
Pages: 24 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Camels are very useful animals in travelling across the desert. Their humps and their eyes help them in their journey across the sands. The joy of moving on a camel's back is felt by every traveller. Asad is the owner of the most beautiful camels. He takes all of them on long journeys across many deserts. Find out what happens on one such journey on which his best-loved camel, Sahara, accompanied him along with many others.

This is a well-drawn, full-color, children's tale, sure to create a spark in any youngster who reads it.


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