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Reflections : Inspirational Gift Book (Y. Mansoor Marican)

Reflections : Inspirational Gift Book (Y. Mansoor Marican)

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ISBN: 9839511033
Author: Y. Mansoor Marican
Publisher: Orina Publishers (2004)
Pages: 128 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

"Integrity is doing right when no one is looking."

Reflections give us fair warning and good advice.

When a riot breaks out, most would stop after condemning the rioters.However, the few who take the time to reflect would want to knowwhether the riot was the language of the unheard.

While nearly all would agree on the need to give charity to the poor,only those who reflect on it would know the importance of givingwithout depriving the recipients of their dignity.

The ideas in this book emphasizethe need to go beyond the superficial and the obvious,and develop depth in one's understanding of life's affairs.

"Thank you for your wonderful effort in producing this excellent,thought-provoking series of books."- Akmal Ariff, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"These books are big in content and reflections, and gave me a new perspective."- Azman B Milai, Malacca, Malaysia.


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