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Muharramat (Forbidden Matters Some People Take Lightly)

Muharramat (Forbidden Matters Some People Take Lightly)

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ISBN: 9960672182
Author: Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH) 2000
Pages: 90 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Discussion of various topics, including:

  • Shirk (associating partners in worship with Allah)
  • Grave-worship
  • Magic, fortune telling, and divination
  • Astrology
  • Showing off in worship
  • Superstitious beliefs and omens
  • Swearing by something other than Allah
  • Sitting with hypocrites and wrongdoers to enjoy
  • Lack of composure in prayer
  • Sodomy, homosexuality
  • Zina (fornication, and adultery)
  • Dihar
  • Non-mahram relations

    And 50 other topics.

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