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Sweet 'n Easy Cookbook : Recipes for the Islamic Household (Hajra Makda)

Sweet 'n Easy Cookbook : Recipes for the Islamic Household (Hajra Makda)

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ISBN: 0953561712
Author: Hajra Makda
Publisher: Tropic Publications (2001)
Pages: 112 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Hajra Makda shares a seleciton of wonderfully delicious recipes, handed down the family through generations. To this superb collection she has added her own adaptations and creativity, merging ideas and ingredients from other countries and cultures that impressed her during her travels.

Discover a whole new attitude to baking and making with this amazing mix of mystical Eastern and mouth watering Western concoctions. Sample the passion fruit biscuits, turkish delight, olive oil cake from the mediterranean, or the date helawi from the middle east and many more! Each traditional and modern, simple yet elaborate, sweet temptation has been carefully selected, tried, tested, and tasted. You'll be spoilt for choice!

About the Author

Hajra Makda demonstrates and teaches the art of baking and cooking at various National and International venues.

She works closely with various food companies as a freelance consultant advising on recipe development and package designs.

Hajra contributes and submits regular articles to various publications at home and abroad and has made several TV appearances.

Hajra is currently working on her third book of this series.

She has launched her own choice selection of starters, savouries, chutneys & pickles, under the 'Hajra' brand.


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