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Paul and the Bible in the Light of Islam (Atef Sallam)

Paul and the Bible in the Light of Islam (Atef Sallam)

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ISBN: 9830651266
Author: Atef Sallam
Publisher: A S Noordeen (2002)
Pages: 58 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This book sheds more light on the contemporary Christian thought with special emphasis on its founder, Paul, who, the author believes, is the key figure in any discussion and argument in this respect. It is succinct and to the point to keep the reader's attention throughout it.

Muslims, as they are, believe in One God (the Creator), His messengers and the scriptures revealed unto them. Those messengers complement and testify to one another, and in terms of beliefs and tenets they by no means would contradict each other, for they have been sent by the same One God. It is impossible then that one messenger is sent to preach Trinity, while another one to preach monotheism. The contradictions and variations in religion are not the work of the messengers, and this would stimulate us to delve into further studies.

The author has studied English language, Arabic literature and Islamic sciences (theology, exegesis, and traditions) in Egypt. He has always been interesed in comparative religion whether between Islam and other related religions, or between the major sects of Islam itself. He has written other books in Arabic.


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