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The Law and Institution of Zakat (Farishta G de Zayas)

The Law and Institution of Zakat (Farishta G de Zayas)

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ISBN: 9839541285
Author: Farishta G. de Zayas
Publisher: The Other Press (2003)
Pages: 452 Binding: Hardback

Description from the publisher:

In this work, the author carefully and comprehensively examines the rules of Zakat from the most authentic sources, viz., the Qur'an, the reliable Hadiths and classical works of fuqaha (jurists). Since Zakat is a religious obligation with a social and spiritual function, it is incumbent on all individual Muslims as well as its institutional administrators to acquire a thorough knowledge of its fundamental principles and the law to its implementation at state level. As such this book should be an essential aid to Muslims in general and Zakat officials in particular.


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