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The Love of Allah (Shaikh Adnan Abdul Qadir)

The Love of Allah (Shaikh Adnan Abdul Qadir)

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Author: Shaikh Adnan Abdul Qadir
Publisher: Message Of Islam (UK)
Pages: 32 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

From the book's back cover --Many people claim they love ALLAH (s.w.t) and they say; 'I prayed, I fasted, I made the Hajj and I gave Zakat'. After all of this what does ALLAH (s.w.t) want from me, I have done all these forms of worship? I have worshipped ALLAH (s.w.t).' Has this person really worshipped ALLAH (s.w.t)?He does not need our worship. We need the worship of ALLAH (s.w.t), we need Salah, we need Zakah and we need to fast. We are poor and ALLAH (s.w.t) is rich, we are weak and ALLAH (s.w.t) is strong, we are the degraded and low and ALLAH (s.w.t) is the Most High and Mighty. We need the love of ALLAH (s.w.t).


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