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Saadi Stories for Young Adults (Shaykh Saadi)

Saadi Stories for Young Adults (Shaykh Saadi)

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Author: Shaykh Saadi
Publisher: Kazi Publications (Chicago)
Pages: 214 Binding:

Description from the publisher:

This series of stories for young adults is to encourage young people to turn to an important literary heritage. This series is recommended for children 13-18 years old although the stories can be read to younger children. The stories here are adapted from the writtings of Saadi. Other books in this series include: Attar Stories for Young Adults, Rumi Stories for Young Adults, and Kalilah and Dimnah Stories for Young Adults.

Saadi, one of the giants of Islamic, Persian and World literature, was born in Shiraz, Persia sometime between 1184 and 1213 C.E. He was a master of both prose and verse, especially lyric poetry (ghazals) in Persian which was to influence Arabic, Turkish and Urdu poetry. His Rose Garden is one of the four most popular works of classical Persian literature. He died in Shiraz on Decembre 9, 1291.


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